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Chelsea Shae

Owner. Planner. Food Enthusiast. 

Chelsea's career began in 2015 after she finished her master's in Finance in Philadelphia.  She decided that the corporate lifestyle didn’t engage her creative mindset which led her to pursue her passion in culinary and the hospitality industry. As a top planner in the Philadelphia & New Jersey  events industry she decided to develop herself into her own brand. Thus Olive & Shae was born with her partner Mario Oliveto; a skilled artist and talented photographer. Chelsea loves to push the limits of creativity far beyond the menu. She is invested in the overall aesthics of your day! Chelsea believes in sourcing locally and collaborating with local  businesses and farms. It is important to her and Olive & Shae that each menu is built by the community around her. . Chelsea’s involvement in the community doesn’t stop at small business’ either; a portion from each wedding is donated to the Cardiac research department of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as the nurses and doctors have played a key role in Chelsea’s life.  On her days off her and Mario love to take road trips to grab a bite to eat from their never ending “must try” list or taking their dog Watson on a day trip to the beach.  Her go to drink is a London Fog with Lavender and the meal she could eat over and over again would be soup dumplings. She likes to keep life simple and her goal is to make good food for really good people!




Mario Oliveto

Owner. Creative Director. Photographer.  Filmmaker 

Mario Oliveto grew up with a camera in his hands so to put an exact date to when he began his photography would be difficult. So let's start with at the age of six years old Mario was taking his own photos of family, friends, the floor, a close up on his little brother's face. Since then he has become Mario Oliveto Photography which focuses on weddings and live events. He has branched into Oliveto Media which develops, creates, and executes cinematic marketing and branding. He then said yes to Chelsea Shae when she asked him to partner with her to create Olive & Shae. It was an easy decision for him to be able to incorporate all his skills and talents into one avenue and he signed up with their dog Watson to be the certified taste-testers. Mario has been published nationally for his photography and locally with Phila Wedding & Modern Lux Wedding magazines.  His style of photography spans generations and he is known for his non-invasive approach. Capturing the raw, real, in the moment shots that you didn’t even know he saw. Also, his under the veil shots are sought out from couples all over. When Mario doesn’t have a camera in his hand he likes to take time to read, journal, and paint massive paintings right in the living room and watch Chelsea panic. But hey it's where the best light is. Mario & Chelsea spend their time eating, playing with Watson, and debating who has the best hair.  All jokes aside Mario’s talents, artistic vision, and ability to capture the idea perfectly has made him not only an asset for Olive & Shae but a person to call a best friend and partner to Chelsea Shae.

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